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About The Therapist

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Nakea Andrews

LMT #68883

Nakea is a licensed massage therapist who completed her Associates degree for massage therapy in 2015 at the Pacific College of Health and Science. Nakea has experience in many bodywork modalities such as: tuina, deep tissue, swedish/circulatory massage, hot stone massage, and techniques of cupping, guasha, moxa, and percussive therapy with the use of a Theragun.

Nakea has volunteered massage events with military personal and families, USA Rugby players, and other athletes. Nakea has worked with treating knee injuries, neck and shoulder pain, improving range of motion that has been limited due to post surgery or injuries, and overall relaxing the body with results of better sleep, and reduce stress levels.

Nakea has completed certifications for Medical Massage, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) and Percussive therapy.

Please feel free to schedule your massage with Nakea to experience a sensational massage that will relax you, while helping your body get back into balance.