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N​atural Healing Massage

By Nakea Andrews

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Scroll down to view the service descriptions and Add on's that can be applied to the sessions to help you relax and rejuvenate in a natural way.

Session time includes 10 minutes for consultation and dressing before and after sessions.

Groupon voucher Policy

-Groupons are for New Clients only. 

All vouchers follow Clinic Policies and Procedures. 

***Cancellations on Prepaid services will receive credit on account. Credit can be used on next scheduled session.  

****All prices are subject to change with 1 month notice due to currency fluctuation and/or unforeseen economic circumstances.

*****Starting on October 1st, 2020, all services provided prices will be increased, excluding add-on service price.

Services and Prices

Therapeutic Massage

60 min/New Client Price       $90

60 min/Return Client Price   $80 

90 min/ New Client Price          $110 

90 min/ Return Client Price     $100 

This massage  is designed to be therapeutic to the client, varying from just a relaxing massage to deep tissue massage. Sports massage techniques and stretching can be applied depending on chief complaint. This massage is beneficial for muscle pain, circulation of blood, and help with specific injuries or body aches as well as helping with calming and relaxing of the mind, body, spirit to help with sleep issues. 

Upon therapist discretion, session can include: cupping, guasha, moxa, and percussive therapy at no additional charge. 

Neck, Shoulder, and Foot Session

60 Minute only Session    $65 

This massage is a sit- in chair massage while feet will be soaked in Epsom salt and essential oils of your choice at beginning of session. While your feet are soaking, your neck and shoulders will be massaged between 10-15 minutes. Each foot will then be massage using Lava Mint Foot Scrub for 15 minutes each foot, followed by massage oil.

Upon therapist discretion, session can include: cupping, guasha, moxa, and percussive therapy at no additional charge. 

Cupping Session

30 Minute Session Only    $45 

This is a 30 minute cupping session only.  Cupping will be applied to areas that is needed for pain reduction and to help move blood in specific areas that are causing pain.

Percussive Therapy 

30 Minute Session     $35 

60 Minute Session     $65 

30/60 minutes of percussive therapy with the use of Theragun device.  This device provides rapid and repetitive motion giving a deeper pressure and vibration to the tissues.  This session helps with pain, recovery, and improvement of range of motion.


CBD Cream $10

Hot Stones $20

Kinesiology Taping $10

Add-on's are only used for a specific body area of pain.

Will not be performed through the whole body.

No discounts or other offers valid.